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THE TRESTLE AT POPE LICK CREEK Connecticut Wit Gilbert Gigliotti
The good news is that Dalton’s mother, Gin (played beautifully, yet powerfully, by Melody Gray), seems to find the strength to try to change her world — no matter how few of those around her are willing (or able) to follow. One cannot, however, even by play’s end, be too convinced that her actions will amount to much, if anything, but the fact that she knows she must try is as “happy” as anything in this play gets.
My favorite scenes were the opening and closing, as there were more chances for subtle behavior that made me smile or nod. While all the actors acquit themselves well, my favorite performances were in the first and fifth plays as well: David Gautschy’s recent divorce instantly stole my heart as he stares in a mirror practicing for his first same-sex dinner date ever, while Melody Gray’s long-married, long suffering wife earned my respect with how she reacts once she realizes she’s been betrayed.
THE TROJAN WOMEN The New School Blog
Acting student Melody Gray’s portrayal of the Trojan queen Hecuba was informed by interactions with the past, both ancient and recent: I read everything I could about Hecuba. I was amazed how many literary sources refer to her: Homer, Virgil and Shakespeare all wrote about her, says Gray, whose wide-ranging sources also included Homer’s Illiad and The Iron Lady. But the most important part of my research entailed visiting the 911 Memorial. This created the feeling of absolute devastation that I needed in order to really bring Hecuba to life.
ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST The Houston Press D.L. Groover
As Nurse Ratched, Gray keeps her emotions tightly clamped, which makes her character more frightening and somewhat alien. She and ultra-emotional Dorris send off sparks when they clash.
THE WOMEN The Houston Press D.L. Groover
Melody Gray, in the juicy role of Sylvia Fowler, brings a nice spider’s touch to the mother of all bitches. As for that catfight, it’s a beaut.
SCORCHED The Houston Chronicle Everett Evans
…Melody Grey as the increasingly stoical midlife firebrand…
The youngest is Vera (Melody Gray) was simply adorable and the hyperventillating in the bag hillarious.